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Change of email address

19 Dec

The Office has tried to contact many members by email that have bounced back as the address in not valid!!!

Could all members please go to the "CHANGE OF DETAILS" Page on this website and submit your current contact details so that we can check your current Email address, telephone numbers and postal address are all correct as held by the SAMA Office on the Membership Data Base.

Increase in Indulgence Fares

17 Dec

Please note that there has been an increase in the South Bound fare

South Bound is now £165. North Bound remains at £80.00. Payment is made in cash at the time of check in prior to the relevant journey.

The One Show, Thursday 16th December 2010

15 Dec

Pauline Prescott has invited small groups of people to her home for informal gatherings to find out people’s stories.

Part of this series features Pauline chatting to wives and mothers who endured the Falklands conflict at home whilst their husbands and sons were away.

This is being shown during The One Show on Thursday 16th December at 7.00 pm


6 Dec

SAMA is able to claim gift aid when the donation is made by a tax payer. If you have made any donation to SAMA since April 2007 please consider gift aid.

Please complete the form which can be found towards the back of your newsletter or contact the office for a form and get it in to the office as soon as possible.

We are able to claim as far back as April 2007 onwards so please help us to reclaim this tax.

You are still in time to order your SAMA Merchandise for Christmas

3 Dec

You can still order your Christmas Cards and Calendars or books etc and receive them in plenty of time for Christmas.

See the details on the Merchandise page of the website. Hover over ‘About SAMA’ and scroll down to Merchandise to see our current range.

Top Brass Urge Government to Rethink on Pensions

3 Dec

LONDON NOVEMBER 30 – Forces Pension Society General Secretary Major General John Moore-Bick, Vice Admiral Sir Michael Moore and Assistant General Secretary Captain Malcolm Farrow from the Forces Pension Society, delivering a letter to Number 10 Downing Street today 30 November 2010, urging a Government rethink on Armed Forces pensions.

At 3pm today, a letter to the Prime Minister was hand delivered to Downing Street bearing the names of five former Chiefs of the Defence Staff, other senior military figures and Honorary Members of the Forces Pension Society calling for a rethink on military pensions.

The letter was composed by the Forces Pension Society (FPS) a non-profit organisation which represents the pension interests of the wider Armed Forces community, signatories include: Admiral the Lord Boyce, Field Marshal the Lord Inge, Marshal of the RAF the Lord Craig, General the Lord Guthrie, General the Lord Walker, Admiral of the Fleet Sir Julian Oswald, Admiral Sir Brian Brown, Lieutenant General Sir Robin Ross, Mrs Sara Jones and The Baroness Dean, Honorary Member signatories included: Martin Bell and Kate Adie.

The letter calls on the government to reconsider the change in indexation from RPI to CPI for the Armed Forces, it points out that they will be disproportionately disadvantaged in comparison to people working in the rest of the public sector, because military pensions start to pay out at a younger age, FPS suspects this detail could have been overlooked.

The letter also calls on the government to stop the practice of confiscating the pensions of military widows when they re-marry, pointing out that the cost of doing so would be a drop in the ocean (a fraction of 1%) compared to the savings which the government stands to make from the change in indexation. Earlier in the day, at a lunch held in the Houses of Parliament, the President of the Forces Pension Society, General Sir Roger Wheeler GCB CBE, former Chief of the General Staff, reiterated these representations and said that the armed forces was not looking for special treatment but fair treatment.