SAMA (82) Concessionary Flights

15 Jan

Under the current Indulgence scheme, holders of the South Atlantic Medal (SAM) are eligible to apply for an indulgence seat on the MOD air bridge. There is no guarantee of a seat and confirmation of a seat is only given 48hrs before the departure date.

Following discussions with the MOD, a new scheme is to be introduced which will allow those eligible to purchase a ticket for the air bridge which will guarantee a seat. It should be noted however that the emergency movement of military personnel will continue to have priority over fare paying passengers.

The new scheme has been extended to allow family members to visit the Falkland Islands.

Eligibility is as follows:-

  • Holders of the SAM

  • Holders of the SAM + 2 immediate family members, for example wife plus son or daughter.

  • NOK of holders of the SAM + 1 immediate family member, for example widow plus son or daughter.

The cost of a return ticket will be £275, to be paid at RAF Brize Norton, most major credit or debit cards will be accepted. (This fare is due to increase on 1st April 2012).

Two months notice is required for application for a flight and confirmation of the seat will be given two weeks before the flight date.


Passengers must be in possession of a current passport plus comprehensive travel insurance which specifically includes medical repatriation from the Falkland Islands.

Full information and application forms can be found on the “Falklands Concessionary Flights” page in the Drop Down menu of the “News & Events” tab.

Click here to go direct to the page

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