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22 Aug

The Association Newsletter planned for mid September has been postponed until mid November at the request of the Trustees.

It should now arrive on doorsteps shortly after 5th November.

Unfortunately, this does not mean that additional articles can be accepted from the membership as we cannot exceed 48 pages of text without a huge increase in production and postage costs.

Remembrance Day Parade, Cenotaph London

17 Aug

If, having reserved a ticket, you become aware that you will not be able to attend this year’s event, please let the office know as a matter of urgency as there is a long waiting list for returns.

A Day at the Races–Lingfield Park, Surrey. 22nd August

8 Aug

Horseback UK is hosting a Day at the Races event at Lingfield Park on 22nd August to raise awareness of the benefits of using horses to promote the recovery process, both mentally and physically.

They have invited the Not Forgotten Association to join them, and they in turn have extended an invitation for 4 veterans to join them for this day at the races.  Refreshments will be provided and there is plenty of on site parking.

If you are in receipt of a War Pension and would like to attend please contact the SAMA office by Monday 13th August.

Sponsored Walk Cancelled

2 Aug

The Sponsored walk due to take place at Hebdon Bridge on 8th September is cancelled, due to the low level of interest.

SAMA 82 apologises if this has caused inconvenience to anyone.

The Warm Front Scheme

2 Aug

The Warm Front Scheme is open to households in England who meet the criteria for targeted help to make homes easier (and subsequently cheaper) to heat.

Grants are available for low-income families and the elderly who are in receipt of certain benefits, and the grants can be awarded to home owners and to those who live in private rented accommodation.

The applicant’s home must be poorly insulated or without a functional central heating system in place.

As well as central heating, Warm Front grants are available for loft and cavity wall insulation, draught-proofing and hot water tank insulation.

To find out more visit