Sunday Mirror People’s Choice Award–Voting deadline extended

21 Mar

Sunday Mirror People’s Choice Award.

Voting extended until midnight on 23rd March you can vote for Anne by SMS system run by

To vote – text SOPC42£1 to 70070

Ann Townsend, (Grose) lost her son, Neil Grose, on the night of his 18th birthday during the battle on Mount Longdon.  Ann had a tough time over the following months and years, coming to terms with her grief and dealing with the knock on effects that occurred.  For her whole family it was a traumatic time and she worked tirelessly to support hem through the whole period.  She joined the Falklands Families Association, and later SAMA 82.  In 2010 she became a Trustee of SAMA.

In 2008 she joined a team with RN Psychiatrist, Surg Capt Morgan O’Connell (Falklands Veteran) which set up a Veteran’s Outreach Support (VOS) in Portsmouth.  She is valued as one of the key members of this team.  Dr O’Connell has commented particularly on her ability to help people make the decision to come into the Outreach centre when, perhaps, they were unsure if it was right for them.  Ann is a qualified nurse and this background has stood her in good stead to work at the centre.  Initially it dealt with Falklands Veterans, but quickly expanded and now deals with any ex-servicemen and women and indeed family members who suffer from PTSD and who need help.  In her nursing days Ann was responsible for the commissioning of the Accident and Emergency Department at the major hospital in Portsmouth.

Ann also works as a bereavement support counsellor at Rowans Hospice near Portsmouth.

Ann has committed herself to helping others, whilst living with the tragedy of losing her son in such cruel circumstances and at such an early age.  all this is done with never a sign of self-pity.  Ann is a strong candidate for this award but needs your vote.

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