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Update to Office Emails Issues

25 Nov

As you are already aware we are experiencing some technical difficulties with incoming emails.

We have again this morning spoken to the company who hosts our computer server and they have informed us of the following:-

The problems that we are currently having is down to a main server connection issue.  It is a nationwide problem and they have been aware of the problem for the last 12 days, even though we have only has problems for the last 6 days.  However, even though they are aware of the issue no fault or solution to the problem has been found or worked on as yet. And, at this stage they cannot guarantee how long it will be ongoing for.

Everybody at SAMA would like to apologise for the inconvenience this may be causing you all.

We would also ask if you have sent the office an email within the last 6 days and have not had a response to please resend your email to

This will also be the email address to use to send any emails to us at the office for the time being.

Alternatively , you can telephone the office on 01495 741592.  We are here everyday between 9.00am – 1.00pm. 

Thank you.

SAMA 82 Office

Office Email Problems

20 Nov

Just for you all to be aware, we are currently experiencing some technical difficulties with our INCOMING emails.

If you have sent the office an email in the past 24 hours and not had a response, then we sincerely apologise.

Our Administrators are currently working on the issues and we hope to be up and running again sometime today.

In the meantime, if you do have any urgent requests for us, please use the following email address to contact us

Otherwise we will get back to you in due course.

Many thanks

The SAMA 82 Office

Recent Changes in Medal Awards

10 Nov

Changes have been made to the qualification period for the South Atlantic Medal (SAM).  MoD has decided that, following a study of the medal process, the qualifying period for the SAM shall be extended to the 21 October 1982.  This means that a new group of personnel who served in the South Atlantic during 1982 will receive (on application) the SAM without rosette where they qualify in all respects.

Impact on the articles, memorandum and rules of the South Atlantic Medal Association 1982

The articles, memorandum and rules of the association were written on the basis of the original medal qualifying period.  To accommodate the change the association needs to qualify the wording of its objectives and go through the prescribed process for changing the rules for membership.

Extensions to objectives and charitable benefit

This process began on the 30 October with written extensions to the objectives.  These extensions to the objectives of the association will enable all persons in receipt of the SAM to enjoy the charitable benefits of the association.  These benefits are provided on the basis of need and available resources in accordance with the wording of the objectives as extended.

Any SAM holder my apply for support through the SAMA office giving details of the support needed and justifying the use of charitable funds.  Whilst this makes no difference to medal winners under the original qualifying period it means that from 31 October 2014, the new medal recipients have become beneficiaries of the charity.  New medal winners must apply for, be in receipt of their medal and provide evidence of this to become beneficiaries.  (Applications for medals must be made through the MoD).

Membership Rules

The change in Membership Rules is not as easy as anticipated if we are to comply with the Articles of the Association.  The Trustees will open up discussions with full members to enable a vote in favour of suitable changes to the rules.  The Trustees will endeavour to hasten this.  The Association intends to hold a general discussion on this matter with those who attend the open forum at the AGM.  Once the views of the membership are known, arrangements will be made to change the membership rules in accordance with the processes set out in the company articles.

For the time being, under the existing rules, the new medal winners can join the Association as associate members: some new medal winners have already done so.  Once the changes have been made, these associated members will be transferred to the full membership list without further application.