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Association of Dunkirk Little Ships Thames Veterans’ Cruise

26 May

Once again we have been invited to join the above on their river cruise on Saturday 5th September.

The ships leave the Yacht club next to Hampton court for a cruise along the river Thames followed by a BBQ back at the Yacht Club.

If you are interested in being part of this event, especially on their Anniversary year, then please contact the SAMA 82 office.

NFA Events

11 May

Details of the events we have been invited to so far this year have been posted in the Community Area (Discussion Board) section of the website.

For further information about any of these events then please contact the SAMA office.

CALL FOR EVIDENCE: Review Of Support For Military Families With A Focus On Transition From The Military To Civilian Life

6 May

The Centre for Social Justice, funded by the Forces in Mind Trust, is undertaking a piece of research examining the process of transition from the perspective of military families. Whilst the family may not wear uniform, they nevertheless support the serving person and cope with the unique issues a military lifestyle can entail. As far as possible we must ensure an adequate level of recognition and support is provided in the transition process.

Most military families, like veterans themselves, enjoy a successful transition and regard their time with the forces as playing a positive role in their progression post-transition. For others, however, there remain challenges and we must ensure as much is done as possible to maximise positive outcomes.

Important work has been done by organisations such as the service families’ federations in getting the family unit better recognised and supported whilst in service. Similarly, The Royal British Legion, along with other organisations, has initiated programmes to support military spouses through employment schemes. More research, however, needs to be done in order to evaluate the success of these initiatives.With the ongoing restructuring of HM Armed Forces, and the developing role of reserves, an analysis of how military families are supported is particularly timely. Our findings will seek to shape the new Government’s response to how to embed support for families within the Armed Forces Covenant, Career Transition Partnership and in wider society.

We are seeking evidence on areas including (this list is not exhaustive):

Spousal employment
Support for single earner homes
Financial awareness & debt management
Alcohol and other substance abuse
Domestic violence & abuse
Relationship breakdown
Child support and education
Issues facing families of reserves

If possible, responses or contributions should focus on the following questions:

1. What, if any, are the challenges facing military families, with particular regard to transition?
2. To what extent is available support meeting the needs of families affected by the above issues?
3. What examples of good practice exist in addressing challenges faced by military families on transition, including from all parts of the UK and abroad?
4. What more, if anything, could government (local and national), business, charities, and society do to assist in successful transitions for families?
5. Is transition support for families sufficiently synchronised with that of service personnel?
6. How will the challenges military families face, particularly in transition, develop over the next 5/10 years?
7. How can the Corporate and Community Covenants provide leverage to boost support of families?

Please send responses by 22nd May to