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Care After Combat- Buddy Scheme

3 Jun

We are looking for ex service personnel to join our Phoenix project.

We are now behind the wire in 4 UK prisons and will soon be doing many more. Our Government approved project aims to reduce the numbers of reoffending veterans. We do this by listening to their hopes and needs. A lot of veterans in the criminal justice system are people who have slipped through the cracks. Adjusting to civilian life has been difficult, they have made mistakes, and they have paid the price, now they need hope. We give them that hope. We find them jobs or training and we find them somewhere to live. We help them reacquire their self-esteem.

The Buddy-Buddy system has been a big success in the USA and we believe it will work here in the UK.

We are looking for those Buddy’s. Ex service personnel who can team up with a veteran and help steer him back into society.

Do you know of such people? Would people in your association be willing to help a fellow vet?

It will take a day’s training. And then 2 days a month, or more if they are up for it.

Volunteers will be reimbursed for their time and expenses.

We have some 2500 veterans in the Criminal Justice system…so we need a lot of mentors. Please can you help?

Call Wendy Wake 0300 3430255 or email

Jim Davidson OBE