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Veterans Community Cafe–Edinburgh

28 Aug

On 23rd September 2015 from 5pm – 7pm at the Stafford Centre, 103 Broughton St, Edinburgh.

A very informal social evening open to all veterans.  If you have any ideas you are welcome to take them along.  A get together with the sole purpose of veterans helping each other to manage their life style or just to have a chat.

Tea, coffee, sandwiches etc provided free of charge.

Falklands Veteran to Walk Hadrian’s Wall to raise money for SAMA 82

11 Aug

Falklands Veteran Chris Eaton has completed his training run in the Peak District for his charity walk of Hadrian’s Wall on 21st Sept 2015. He has not yet reached his target of funds raised. Can you help him reach or pass his target amount?

To donate visit his JustGiving page:

Remembrance Day Lunch

11 Aug

Following the parade at the Cenotaph on Sunday 8th November there will be a lunch at the Union Jack Club, Waterloo.

Tickets for the lunch are available from the SAMA 82 Office and the cost is £10 a head.