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The Not Forgotten Association Christmas Lunches

21 Sep

We have received invitations for our members to attend Christmas Lunches in Newcastle, Glasgow, Gloucester and Wrexham.

If you are a veteran who would like to attend one of these lunches please contact the SAMA office for more information.

These are very enjoyable afternoons and are always enjoyed by those who attend.

Not Forgotten Association Events

16 Sep

SAMA 82 veterans have been invited to more events by the NFA:

  • Christmas Party at St James’ Palace
  • March at the Cenotaph for Remembrance Day


for more details on how to put your name forward for these events please contact the SAMA 82 office

The Not Forgotten Association

14 Sep

The NFA were established 95 years ago.  They are looking for veterans to march with them at the Cenotaph this year  – 8th November.

If you are a SAM holder and would like to march with them, please contact the SAMA office.

There will be lunch provided afterwards at a local hotel.

More details on the Community Area.