Veterans Funerals UK Ltd

14 Apr

Veterans Funerals UK Ltd, is a one stop organisation that helps and supports all those who have served our Country in times of War and Peace and for their families.

They work with ex-service organisations and associations across the UK to ensure that those who are currently serving and those who have served, receive the best possible funeral care and support at the best possible price.

They work with independent funeral directors across the UK who have agreed to offer affordable funerals to all those who have served in the Armed Forces.  They will make the contact on your behalf.

They are also the custodians of the Veterans Funeral Funds which has been created to ensure that those personnel who have neither family or sufficient funds are afforded a dignified funeral in recognition of their service to this country.

They offer a Veterans Funeral Plan which is designed by veterans for veterans and a method of paying for a funeral in advance, giving peace of mind to all concerned.

For further information please contact them either:-

By Telephone: 0345 222 1525

or by visiting their website:

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