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No Liability for Income Tax–Bravery Award

29 Jul


Section 638

(1)No liability to income tax arises on a pension or annuity if it is paid to the holder of an award for bravery in respect of the award.

(2)In this section “award for bravery” means—

  • the Victoria Cross,

  • the George Cross,

  • the Albert Medal,

  • the Edward Medal,

  • the Military Cross,

  • the Distinguished Flying Cross,

  • the Distinguished Conduct Medal,

  • the Conspicuous Gallantry Medal,

  • the Distinguished Service Medal,

  • the Military Medal,

  • the Distinguished Flying Medal.

Remembrance Day–Cenotaph

27 Jul

Another reminder folks that this is drawing near and the closing date for applications to march in the SAMA 82 platoon (or indeed your own Association) is August.

All tickets this year will be named and you will need at least 2 forms of id, including photographic id.  You will be checked before you can get onto Horseguards,

If you have not received a form to complete, then please contact the SAMA office immediately as otherwise we cannot register you.

ADLS River Cruise – Sat 3rd Sept – last reminder to book your place

19 Jul

Reminder to all those who are interested in attending this event to get your name into the office by Monday 25th July.  There are several places still available.

Priority will be given to those who have not attended previously, but open to all veterans to apply.

Should you wish to have a look at history of the Little Ships etc., please visit their website:

Please bear with us ……….

6 Jul

The office is moving on 18th July, our landlords are moving us to another office near by.  There will be NO CHANGE to our address or telephone number  However, there will be an interruption to services (phone and internet) over the 18th – 20th July.

We will endeavour to answer all calls, and emails, but please bear with us if you don’t get an immediate response.