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Pangbourne – Annual Service at the Falklands Chapel–11th June 2017

26 Jan

Pangbourne – Annual Service at the Falklands Chapel

The annual service will take place on Sunday 11th June.

If you would like to attend then please contact Angela Perry on

01295 738123 or email

Falklands 35th Anniversary Lapel Badge

26 Jan

There is a new Falklands 35th Anniversary Lapel Badge available to order through our online shop.

Falklands 35 Pin Badge.jpg

Cost:-  £2.50 each.

Service at the National Memorial Arboretum 2nd April

6 Jan

We will be holding a Service at the Falklands Memorial at the NMA on 2nd April to mark the 35th anniversary of the conflict.

Details were sent out in the September newsletter, but if you need any information then please contact us at the office.

Army Commissioned Warrant Officers Pension

4 Jan

Were you an Army Commissioned Warrant Officer who served less than 5 years after commissioning, and therefore only awarded a WO1 pension?  IF so you may be entitled to what is called a WO Supplement which was not paid as a matter of routine to Army retirees.  The amounts roughly are an additional £650 resettlement grant and approx. £250 per year served additional pension.

The Forces Pension Society are advising anyone in that position to apply to Veterans UK quoting AFPS rules governing Army Pension Warrant 167c for backdated payments.  You will need to quote the full pension awarded to you before any commutation, and of course, your service details when enquiring.

The Forces Pension Society can be found at :

They also provide other services such as good rates for travel insurance and pension advice to their members.  Membership is £35 per year.

Website/Email Connections to the SAMA 82 office

3 Jan

We are having technical difficulties in  accessing the SAMA 82 Website and the Office Emails this morning.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may be causing you. 

Should the matter be urgent, please contact the office on 01495 741592.

We are hoping to have the issue resolved asap.